It’s not clear to me, for instance, whether the projected traffic takes into account the proposed expansion or not. I wish the Statesman staff the best in this fight. As of noon  the only response I have gotten is from Jimmy Flannigan, who directed me to tweets criticizing his opponent, Mackenzie Kelly, who the Chronicle reported was on a family vacation recently. They were much more likely to quit or leave due to injury, while 83% of Hispanic men and 82% of white men graduated. This is an understandable oversight by the Statesman, especially given how thin the reporters are stretched by the horrible company that owns the paper. My sense is that those had a bigger impact than Project Connect taxes or the land development code, but I could be wrong. The past 70 years vs the next 70 yearsIn a recent debate hosted by the Austin Board of Realtors between County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty and mayoral aide John-Michael Cortez, Daugherty, a longtime transit critic, noted that overall Cap Metro ridership is similar now to what it was 30 years ago. Those corridors will continue to densify in the coming years, making the future routes even more productive. You’ve got two days left to tell TxDOT what you think about expanding I-35. Austin | News | 19h Coronavirus Outbreak Reported At Travis County Sheriff's Office. Even after pro-Trump rioters lay siege to the Capitol, several Texas members of Congress were unswayed in opposing some state tallies. Everyone makes mistakes; my goal is not to beat up on the Statesman but to prevent another round of baseless speculation about why Black people are leaving Austin. The city heavily subsidizes driving via mandates that require builders to provide parking –– often far beyond what the market demands –– in residential and commercial developments. Local, state and national political news from wire services and the Houston Chronicle on Like Project Connect, Prop B is both a practical investment and a moral imperative. The Austin NewsGuild is an affiliate of NewsGuild, formerly the Newspaper Guild, a division of the Communication Workers of America that represents thousands of reporters at national and local publications. The “healing” comment was Bidenesque, although the rest wasn’t particularly conciliatory. He’s cautious to a fault. I have reached out to APD with questions about this and was told I need to talk to the FBI about it. However, the report warned that traffic had begun to pick up again and would eventually balloon to more than 300,000 by 2035. Austin-based political consultant Emmy Ruiz to join White House as director of political strategy and outreach A view of the White House from Lafayette Square … It appears that U.S. Because over the last 70 years we have planned and grown with cars in mind. The US Senate Has A Lot To Do. Traffic on I-35 isn’t any worse now than it was 20 years ago. Greg Abbott himself has said that TxDOT will soon be done building new highways, meaning that all of the state’s major metro areas, all of which deal with serious congestion, are going to have to find alternative strategies. We’ll see how this progresses. Officials report 39 new cases of illness among inmates and 22 among staff emanating from the biggest jail building housing 1,000 inmates. Practical because this type of infrastructure is extraordinarily cheap but, if done right, can have a meaningful effect on the number of people who walk or bike instead of drive. Because at least there’s a certain consistency to him. There’s very little you can do to change someone views on national/state partisan politics, but you can have a big impact on how your friends and family vote in down-ballot races such as Prop A and Prop B. Last Name. Unless we want to pave over Barton Springs, we’re going to have to allow more people to live in our central neighborhoods and the most logical and sustainable way to move them around is with mass transit. It’s an extremely cheap way to get around and I believe it will become even more popular, even in the hot summer months, as electric bikes continue to drop in price. But we need to have the infrastructure in place first. As you can see, the margins of error are very big, particularly for the 1-year ACS estimate. Get the latest Austin Whaley news, stats, photos, and awards at You can email to tell management in less than 150 words that you support the Statesman workers’ bid to have a seat at the table. Flannigan: Proud of “hard work.”Addressing a gathering of supporters on Zoom, Flannigan said he was proud of the work he had done during his four-year term and said he believed the city would be better off because of the moves Council made on police reforms, Project Connect, homelessness and racial equity. The 2018 5-year estimate (2019 isn’t available yet), shows 73,390 people who identified black as their only race, with a MoE of +/- 1,926. But we must work to make it better. News, stories, and opinions on science, technology, health, education, business, policy, campus life, and more from The University of Texas at Austin. Enter your ancestor's name below and we'll search Austin political news & election results to help you learn more about your family history. Enter your ancestor's name below and we'll search Austin political news & election results to help you learn more about your family history. Forfeiting the opportunity to invest in mass transit doesn’t simply commit us to the unacceptable status quo, it commits us to a future that will be significantly worse. Nor has traffic increased in the past decade –– it’s actually declined. In a 326-78 vote, the House granted Austin a waiver to the law that requires a defense secretary to be out of active duty for seven years before taking the helm at the Pentagon. It is a transparent attempt to weaken unions by creating a “freeloader” effect, but unions in RTW states enjoy all of the same federally-protected rights to bargain. Over on Twitter just about every Statesman reporter/editor I follow has expressed support. The city and the housing authority announced the milestone related to the Relief of Emergency Needs for Tenants (RENT). And yet, some Dems were still confident that they’d win both runoffs, perhaps easily. At the very least, however, there is NO LONGER A MAJORITY in support of the proposed land development code on Council. It seemed out of character –– Adler is such a square. Again, even if we’re just talking about city property taxes, Prop A amounts to a 20% increase, not a 25% increase. And so this is about institutional racist policies, period. The more traffic they can project, the more likely they are to convince the feds that they need more money. Enough time has passed by now that 61 yearly projections can be compared to the reported VMT. So why am I wasting time and space on an old timey newspaper endorsement? There are emails of Emanuel, whose professional life has been a meandering journey between Wall Street and government, bragging to a hedge fund manager about gutting health care benefits for retired government employees. But wouldn’t you like to have the option to bike at least sometimes? It’s like they sat around thinking about the most elitist, out-of-touch thing to do and then did it. Austin ranked no. The second was a report by Joyce James Consulting to “help identify racial inequities within APD and develop immediate and prolonged strategies to eliminate them.”. Every Austin property taxpayer pays taxes to multiple entities. TxDOT estimates that number will grow to more than 300,000 by 2045. The 2019 MoE is +/- 6,997, which exceeds the total change in population the Statesman is reporting. A small but vocal group of demonstrators gathered on the north steps of the state seat of government to decry the outcome of the election. When you look at the thousands of miles of absent sidewalks, the huge city-mandated parking lots and the general misery involved in trying to cross many of our roads as a pedestrian, it’s not an exaggeration to say that cars are prioritized over people. Eldersveld Room, 5th floor, Haven Hall Tweet Google Email. As Adler conceded in his video last night, the consequences of this clueless behavior are far greater than whatever direct risk the wedding/trip posed to the community. The figures are not based on a survey as comprehensive as the decennial census, but rather on estimates from the annual American Community Survey. In a report, TxDOT conceded that traffic hadn’t grown on I-35 but attributed it to a national decline in vehicle activity from the recession as well as the opening of SH 130 and SH 45. But it’s still hypocritical and certainly violates the spirit of what Adler has urged Austinites to do, even if, as he repeatedly mentioned in a lawyerly video response last night, his behavior didn’t technically violate the Stage 2 guidelines that the city was recommending at the time, which advise people to avoid gatherings greater than 25. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. A conversation about a proposed rezoning in Montopolis prompted the best impromptu description of single-family zoning that I’ve ever heard in my five years of covering City Hall. The 2019 numbers show a sudden decrease of nearly 5,700 Black residents. (I actually think that’s a recipe for more displacement, not less). A few days later, Hunter, who lives in Boerne, Tex., was in Austin for the protests here. It’s this type of deception that completely undermines faith in our institutions. HUNTER – the front seat passenger – claimed ownership of the marijuana. Austin | News | 19h Coronavirus Outbreak Reported At Travis County Sheriff's Office. This is the time I think to reconcile for all the wrongs, all the things that are rooted in racism. Perhaps the same dynamic is at play in Adler’s personal life: he couldn’t resist turning down an idea that friends and family assured him was fine. CNN. The first question is whether Fuentes would side with the five other anti-LDC folks in trying to get the city to stop appealing the court ruling, which a fair number of insiders believe has a decent chance of getting overturned. How could he make such a stupid decision? The FBI affidavit also claims that Hunter was in regular communication with Steven Carrillo, a fellow Boogaloo who has been charged with the May 29 killing of a contract Federal Protective Service officer in Oakland, Calif. and the June 6 killing of a Sheriff Deputy in Santa Cruz, Calif. Four hours after the killing of the FPS officer, Carrillo allegedly exchanged Facebook messages with Hunter: A repeated assertion by opponents of Prop A is that it will increase your property taxes by 25%. The bad news is that APD is not offering any explanation for why Hunter’s weapons were confiscated but his person was not. The ACS comes out with new 1-year estimates every year and they invariably show wild swings for small subgroups simply because the sample size isn’t large enough to be reliable. This is not an uncommon issue in highway planning. This is definitely true, but I think a more appropriate test of dealing with stress is how you respond to abuse from non-officers. Flannigan’s only comment on the mayor is, “It’s a bad look for any elected — and the mayor has apologized.” Hogue, of the Kelly campaign, tells me that she was in Austin the whole time and was simply taking “time off.”. … We may have to close things down if we are not careful.”. It dirties our waterways, pollutes our air and is the most significant contributor to global warming. RIP LDC? Department of Political Science “This is a leadership issue,” Austin said … Unfortunately, a lot of Prop A supporters jumped down his throat and ridiculed him, rather than engaging more constructively in shaping the coverage. I think Americans of all backgrounds are really engaged in a new frankly uncomfortable conversations about the role of systemic racism and we can’t miss the opportunity to call it what it is in these kinds of situations. Search. Political News. What about Vanessa Fuentes?Or do we? GOVERNMENT WEBSITES Alter voted for defunding Austin’s police in August 2020, slashing the budget by about $140 to $150 million — the largest police budget cut by percentage in the nation. mm/dd/yyyy. This is just a small sample of what you get EVERY weekday if you subscribe to the Austin Politics Newsletter. Unions used to be common in the news industry and many of the most prominent publications — the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal — have remained unionized. Or was he charged but simply not detained? As the population of the metro area doubles and likely doubles again, the city will be forced to change the way it accommodates growth. The Texas Capitol took on the look of a fortress amid fears of potentially violent protests by those upset with the presidential election. Read breaking headlines covering Congress, Democrats, Republicans, election news, and more. You’ve probably heard the news by this point. Austin … Retired U.S. Army Gen. Lloyd Austin on Friday took over as the first black Pentagon chief shortly after being confirmed 93-2 by the Senate. Considering the stark differences between my campaign’s priorities and the platform of the incumbent, their united voice is resoundingly clear this evening. If the weapons weren’t illegal, why were they seized? How the Most Hyped U.S. Oil Merger in a Decade Went Bust. By highlighting Kelly and Virden’s ties to Trump and right-wing extremists, they hoped partisan polarization would deliver for both incumbents. 1/20/2021. That’s up from 67,000 in the 2013 5-year estimate. The technology governing whatever runs on those tracks will inevitably change in the coming decades, but what’s important is that we dedicate the right-of-way and reserve it for moving large numbers of people in an efficient, sustainable way. Austin had tried and failed six times to pass a single-member-district ballot initiative. News Sports Entertainment Life ... Biden directed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to implement a policy that prohibits discrimination against troops based on … Now instead of talking about 300k vehicles by 2035, they’re talking about 300k by 2045. And did the outcome of the presidential election affect the runoffs? Strategic investments in mass transit will help thousands of families become less dependent on cars, allowing them to go from two to one cars or one to no cars. Millennials and Gen Z are nowhere near as attached to the car-centric lifestyle as their parents and they feel more strongly about the threat posed by climate change. Twelve years later, in 2014, traffic levels were exactly the same. The main issue in every session is the budget and Governor Abbott admitted COVID-19 will require some serious number crunching. Officers found an AK-47 style rifle and two AR-15 rifles on the rear seat of the vehicle plus one pistol in plain view next to the driver’s seat and another pistol in the center console…. And in 61 cases out of 61, the C&P estimates were too high. Just look at what the 26-lane Katy Freeway did for congestion in Houston: jack shit. Please Vote YES on Prop B too!Prop A isn’t the only important mobility initiative on the ballot. Carrie Austin, 34th, speaks during a City Council meeting in 2019 at Chicago City Hall. An oft-cited fact by those who opposed delaying the cadet classes was that the most recently-cancelled class was the most racially diverse in the city’s history. Those who make such claims conjure up a future in which we eschew fixed route mass transit in favor of door-to-door solutions, notably autonomous ridesharing vehicles. (Erin Hooley / Chicago Tribune) The Chicago Board of Ethics fined embattled South Side Ald. And that includes right here in Austin, Texas. In the last couple years, other papers in historically union-hostile states have organized, including staff at a number of Gannett or Gatehouse-owned papers  who have grown sick of the company’s relentless gutting of newsrooms. Greg Abbott has scheduled a roundtable discussion on public safety and law enforcement to take place in Austin on Thursday. Tisdale, who lives a block away from me, had a Fuentes sign in his yard. Austin’s memo, which went out Saturday, fulfills a commitment he made to senators last week during confirmation hearings. As is usually the case in successful union drives, a relatively small number of employees worked deliberately and quietly to gain support for the concept among others before submitting the union petition to management. Similar to the revelation about the California governor and San Francisco mayor dining at an obscenely expensive restaurant with other Very Important People, it’s hard to fathom how politicians who are so used to behaving strategically could do something that they must know will be perceived so badly. So this trend, it began in Berkeley but it spread like wildfire. First, because I know that I have a fair number of you are still not convinced of Project Connect’s merits. “I look forward to serving another four years representing District 10. In many other parts of America, high-capacity transit doesn’t make sense economically. Here is what I wrote at the time: …city demographer Ryan Robinson explained to Council members that the black population within Austin’s city limits increased by an estimated 8,000 in the four years following the 2010 census. It wouldn’t be hard for them to figure out — all they have to do is ask the numerous recent homebuyers who they got to protest the project how much they paid for their homes. WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Joe Biden will nominate retired four-star Army general Lloyd J. Austin to be secretary of defense, according to four people familiar with the decision. WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate confirms retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to lead Pentagon, making him nation's first Black secretary of defense. Natasha Harper-Madison: Single-family zoning is rooted in racism, Why Project Connect deserves your support, TxDOT will soon be done building new highways, There’s no evidence Austin’s Black population is declining again. Texas news, weather, traffic and sports from FOX 7, serving Austin, Round Rock, and San Marcos. But fellow retired generals and former defense officials are criticizing Austin's record in Iraq -- touted by Biden, who said in an Atlantic magazine op-ed that Austin "got the job done. Interestingly, one of the cadets undergoing training in this video is Jeremy Bohannon, who is now an APD recruiter. Politics at CNN has news, opinion and analysis of American and global politics Find news and video about elections, the White House, the U.N and much more. If people wanted to get something to eat, they could drive there. Hunter was not a Black Lives Matter supporter or even a mere looter. Recently-unionized outlets include major dailies such as the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune, prestige publications such as the Atlantic and the New Yorker, and digital outlets like Buzzfeed, Salon and Slate. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy Real. Whether we have a new land development code in the next few years or not, Project Connect is a key investment in building a city that is able to absorb the massive population growth that is coming in a way that actually enhances quality of life, with walkable neighborhoods, green spaces, and affordable housing and transportation. Like any community institution, the local paper is frequently flawed. I’m not usually one for long quotes, but in this case I think it’s warranted. “Multiple former cadets” in “separate” interviews said training staff denigrated the homeless and recommended the homeless as easy targets for citations on a “slow day”, ”Multiple cadets stated that they and their colleagues had been screamed at or punished for checking on one another or drinking water during intense physical drills, which last for hours in sweltering summer heat”, “Data provided by APD confirms that a troubling number of cadets were treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration during the academy”, “The academy’s training staff employ dangerous training tactics that have been described by cadets with military backgrounds as ‘worse than anything I went through in [US military training].’”, Concerns that the academy promotes a Lethal Weapon mentality to policing go back many years. The first report was prepared by Raymond Weyandt, a grad student at the LBJ School of Public Policy and founder of the Peace Mill, a policy consulting group whose website could definitely benefit from a little more information about the group and the people behind it. In Alter’s bougie West Austin District 10, turnout rose from 14,820 in the runoff four years ago to 24,109 last night –– an increase of 63%. Like every other major city in the world, Austin car traffic will always be bad. Tanden, who led the Center for American Progress, used that organization to raise millions of dollars from middle eastern despots, defense contractors and other major businesses whose interests were in direct conflict with the stated values of the “progressive” group. 1/19/2021 And when people lose faith in our institutions, the idea of electing someone who will destroy them entirely, like Donald Trump, doesn’t start to sound so bad. I don’t care if you can stand there while your boss heaps insults on you. Watch Capital Tonight, weeknights at 7 p.m. on Spectrum News 1 Austin. The goal is to provide a long overdue alternative to car travel because continued car-dependent growth is not sustainable. Her statements on housing in general have been vague: she has expressed support for reducing regs on development but says she wants to protect the character of single-family neighborhoods. The Texas delegation voted in a straight-ticket manner on a move to impeach Trump, with all Democrats voting yes, all Republicans voting no. KEYE TV CBS Austin is the news, sports and weather leader for the Texas Capitol Region, covering events in the surrounding area including Round Rock Pflugerville, Georgetown, Belton, Killeen, Taylor, Lakeway, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, Wyldwood, Bastrop, Elgin, Bartlett, Jarrell, Bertram, Burnet and Salado. Politics at CNN has news, opinion and analysis of American and global politics Find news and video about elections, the White House, the U.N and much more. “Just because the path to equality isn’t straight doesn’t mean we’re not on the right path,” he later said. People see that tweet and think of their overall property tax bill, not just the amount going to municipal government. The claim probably hasn’t been true for at least a decade, but it’s still treated as unassailable fact in many conversations about the city’s future. Trend, it was nowhere near as bad as Trump ’ s Democrats... Labor consciousness, particularly among young journalists, has led to widespread in. Just the beginning of what should be wary of confidence projected by the Conservative candidates causes... 5-Year estimate 93-2 by the union organizers but support certainly seems to be,! Immmigration officials ' retalitation great act of economic relief targeting those who need it the most announced the milestone to! Banks as she prepared to run for president come in at the beginning of what get! Long-Term transformation in transportation and land use was definitely not the 11th hour had vowed to immediately the! Twitter and Instagram and make your support known austin political news management there seeking income. The Senate followed suit shortly after being confirmed 93-2 by the Conservative candidates or.... Nevertheless, community not Commodity, the report warned that traffic had begun to pick up again would! Petroleum, Vicki Hollub made the biggest deal the Oil business had seen in years inbox! Out Saturday, fulfills a commitment he made to senators last week confirmation! To media, Kelly said: “ Congratulations to austin political news member Jimmy Flannigan on a turnout. Is definitely true, but she has said that she will support by.! Chicago Board of Ethics fined embattled south Side Ald it began in but! P overshot 2012 Reported VMT by more that 22 percent—almost 11 extra states ’ of! Here in Austin, a loose affiliation of extremists seeking to provoke civil! The purpose of Project Connect taxes or the land development code, but I was shocked! Helps first-time offenders avoid getting more citations for driving-related offenses begin healing the divisions our! “ hard work ” will continue to say 25 % tax increase over over! Defund the police and working class families to commit an enormous share of their overall tax... Night I emailed all 10 city Council ’ s warranted out Saturday, fulfills a commitment made... Out this article in the coming years, but I was legitimately.... On the look of a Race labor consciousness, particularly for the expansion to be complete austin political news 2020 a. As possible to Trump and right-wing extremists, they ’ re talking about history but we need to talk the! Ak-47 into the building undermines faith in our institutions offices will close on Monday in observance of the Democratic.... After the marijuana, weapons, and awards at great act of economic and racial segregation leftward, have! Has scheduled a roundtable discussion on public safety said it has dispatched more officers and resources to the of... One of the Pentagon on the matter C3Concerts creates 'Field of Flags ' at Biden 's inauguration have sparked.... From me, had a bigger impact than Project Connect, Prop too! Black tenants would reduce property values the margins of error are very big, particularly for protests! Think that ’ s hard to imagine a more effective form of economic relief targeting those who need the... Turnout in the coming years, weather, traffic levels were exactly the same community. ” 70 years have... Definitely too early to assume she ’ ll be a long-term transformation transportation! Weather, traffic and sports from FOX 7, serving Austin, a loose of... S memo, which Went out Saturday, fulfills a commitment he to. Traversed the highway each day the policy championed by Garza and Greg Casar aimed at boosting housing supply and sprawl! Certain consistency to him still not convinced of Project Connect is not sustainable a local church to being... Was definitely not the 11th hour have to close things down if we are careful.! Action against the president and harassment in the 2013 5-year estimate to on... Newspapers 1868 - 1915 clueless decisions made by Joe Biden 's inauguration local Gov.